Customer Stewardship

…is the culture & practice that creates an inclusive future for people and institutions to thrive together

Customer Stewardship is about helping organisations (government, private, not for profit) get back to their true ‘purpose’ –  being a force for long term good – where shareholders, customers and stakeholders collaborate and innovate together in building an inclusive future.

We are passionate about our mission to create and sustain organisations built on trust because that is how great things get done.

The organisations we admire are like the people we admire:  authentic, personable, collaborative, resilient, humble at the same time ambitious for better things to come. When these traits are present in an organisation they are not only Customer Stewardship Exemplars today they will change the future and inspire hope for better things to come. 

Customer Stewardship is governed by eight foundational competencies to activate Collaboration, Courage to Change and Faster, Deeper Learning as shown in the graphical illustration below. That means being more responsive to customer and community imperatives and always forward-looking to positive change.



The Customer Stewardship Alliance (CSA) applies its methodologies and competency development programs to organisations that have an outsized impact on the well-being of customers and communities. We have a special interest in organisations that impact the quality of life today and how they pay forward a positive legacy to the future. These include organisations involved in all aspects of the provision of public services and infrastructure assets and service delivery.

Public service and infrastructure provision is a litmus test to a society’s stewardship – planning and acting responsibly long term. It covers vital services for industry and citizens to thrive, including the planning, building and operating of transport (land, air and maritime), electric and gas utilities, telephone and broadband communications and social assets (schools, hospitals, sports and convention centres). CSA adopts a wide-eyed view of infrastructure where services that flow from physical assets matter most in shaping our sense of safety, liveability and optimism to the future.


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