Customer Stewardship Australia partners with owners, operators and investors of infrastructure that seek to excel at lifting the long-term value of their enterprise by consistently strengthening customer loyalty and community trust. 

We refer to this as finding and maintaining your true north.


Customer Stewardship Australia (CSA) applies its Accreditation and Assessment System to independently verify and benchmark your organisation’s hard earned credentials.

Our approach started with extensive university research led by Garry Bowditch and through deep industry collaboration over the past six years. Together we evidence and validate the vital signs of Customer Stewardship within your organisation to lift the value you create for customers, shareholders and community stakeholders. 

Working closely with your organisation, we help to enhance the quality of actionable information to constantly improve your Customer Stewardship capabilities and practices.

CSA Accreditation and Rating System will contribute to your organisation’s success through:

  • Better targeted decision making for capital and operational capital allocation; 
  • Increasing awareness of customer stewardship industry benchmarks to enable comparative performance assessment with peers within and across industries; and
  • Encouraging policymakers and regulators to recognise Customer Stewardship
    ™ performance in determining their approach to regulation, procurement, asset recycling and decisions relating to privatisations and managing Public Private Partnerships.  

Through achieving a Customer Stewardship Accreditation and Rating for your organisation, you  will have access to a community of practice with other leading organisations public and private, that enables accelerated learning of new insights and strategies that push boundaries of organisational performance and customer trust.

The Accreditation and Rating Process

Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Achieve your company Goals sooner

Adapt faster, learn New Insights