Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) is committed to serving all stakeholders – customers, employees, community and shareholders – we refer to them as our “four bosses”.  To help make sure that we are serving our four bosses in a genuine and practical way, we decided to draw on outside expertise and it was in this context that we engaged CSA to review BAC’s customer stewardship capability and performance.  CSA demonstrated a strong ability to understand the complexities of our business and to get to the heart of what matters for effective and sustainable performance. The CSA methodology has been highly effective in helping BAC team members identify continuous improvement opportunities for customer services and linking these to investment decisions.  But what really impressed us was CSA’s ability to elevate customer stewardship into a strategic enabler to create differentiation and demonstrate competitive advantage.  BAC strongly supports the work of CSA and the importance of customer stewardship practices. This represents a very important development for the industry that will have a very positive impact for all our stakeholders.

Gert-Jan de Graaff, Chief Executive Officer, Brisbane Airport Corporation

“As Brisbane Airport’s largest investor we are supportive of their CSA accreditation and participation in seeking a rating. QIC believe the social licence to operate in infrastructure is directly linked to being customer led and working with other key stakeholders. As we represent investors with long duration capital, leveraging tools like CSA drive better customer centric feedback to our assets’ management teams and long term investment decisions.”

Ross Israel, Head of Global Infrastructure, QIC

Port of Brisbane was proud to participate in Customer Stewardship Australia (CSA)’s pioneering Assessment and Rating process. As Queensland’s largest multi-cargo port, we strive for ‘continuous improvement’ in everything we do for all our customers and many diverse stakeholders. Customer stewardship is an important development for our industry to ensure the future prosperity of the communities we serve.  PBPL’s strong customer stewardship is due to the efforts of everyone working across PBPL’s business.  We acknowledge the value we derived from participating in CSA’s pilot program, which further underscored our long-term commitment to serving our customers and stakeholders.

Roy Cumins, Chief Executive Officer, Port of Brisbane

“As the head of infrastructure development and delivery, I wanted to make absolutely sure that all BAC’s capital investments have a clear line of sight to the delivery of customer outcomes. Strengthening BAC’s customer stewardship capabilities and practice is the means for gaining that assurance. This is why BAC chose to be an early adopter of the CSA Accreditation and Rating process – and already it has been an investment that is adding value to our customer strategies, operations and staff development. An accreditation and reporting process should be about identifying and enabling improvement and CSA’s independent and rigorous approach has certainly helped BAC further our position in making a positive different to customers. I would have no hesitation in recommending CSA to any organisation that is considering how they can be more effective in delivering better long-term outcomes.”

Krishan Tangri, EGM Infrastructure Development and Delivery, Brisbane Airport Corporation

Every executive and team member at PBPL is committed to putting customers and community first. Customer Stewardship Australia’s Assessment and Rating has definitely been helpful in analysing our existing customer stewardship strategies and initiatives, as well identifying areas where we can get even better. CSA has rightly recognised the critical work we do in supporting a growing city and regional economy through shaping and strengthening critical supply chains, adapting infrastructure for drought and diversifying operations with Queensland’s first mega cruise terminal.

Peter Keyte – Chief Operating Officer, Port of Brisbane

“BAC recognises the important responsibility it has as the owner and operator of what is not only a strategically significant asset for Queensland and a vital node in the Australian logistics network, but also a facility that is essential in the lives of millions of people. It is therefore with good reason, given its strong past performance and ‘can do’ culture, that BAC has set itself high standards for managing its assets and has challenged itself to become an exemplar of customer stewardship practice. BAC’s shareholders, as long horizon investors with large and diversified stakes in the whole market, support BAC in its stewardship role. Customer stewardship represents a very important development for the industry that will have a very positive impact for all our stakeholders.”

Rachel Crowley, EGM Communications and Public Affairs, Brisbane Airport Corporation