Our Services

Customer Stewardship Alliance (CSA) is a global advisory service committed to help organisations build trust and achieve positive long term outcomes.

Customer Stewardship Accelerator

We work closely with organisations to coach, empower and invigorate Customer Stewardship practices, processes, capabilities. From the Board, CEO, the executive group through to front line team members and backroom support we invigorate your organisation to be the best version of itself. We help organisations keep their ‘true north’ – to reliably navigate uncertainty and stay on track to their most precious values and principles.

Benefits of the CSA Accelerator

Evaluation of stewardship performance

Strengths revealed

Potential for Development Identified

Customer Stewardship Benchmarking

We independently validate capabilities to invest astutely, manage risk, innovate and build better customer and community centred relationships. We compare organisations against peers in their sector and the broader industry and identify initiatives to address development opportunities.

Benefits of CSA Benchmarking

Gap analysis of stewardship capabilities

Strategic analysis of performance

Establish priorities for improvement

Customer Stewardship Accreditation

By participating in a CSA Assessment and receiving Accreditation, stakeholders can have confidence that your organisational performance has been independently verified. Government agencies and regulators are able to recognise adherence to Customer Stewardship practice that can inform various regulatory, procurement, asset recycling, and privatisation-related decisions.

Benefits of CSA Accreditation

Increase visibility and reputation

Government and regulatory recognition

Customer and community confidence

Customer Stewardship Community of Practice

Organisations can participate in a growing community of practice alongside other leading public and private organisations, enabling the sharing of experiences, accelerated learning and collaborative problem solving.

Benefits of joining the CSA Community of Practice

Be part of a growing influential leadership network

Share learnings and collaborate

Raise awareness of stewardship

Customer Stewardship Implementation Services

We assist organisations to improve their Customer Stewardship through strategic analysis of priorities to build capabilities and embed a continuous improvement culture throughout the organisation necessary for success.

CSA Implementation Services


Customer engagement programs

Customer-centricity capability development

Expert advice and customised Strategies

Training and mentoring