It is very pleasing to see Garry Bowditch’s research at the John Grill Institute, University of Sydney having such a positive impact. Customer Stewardship Alliance is an important new development in helping major projects in both industry and government to better focus on long term outcomes for customers and stakeholders alike, as this is vitally important if the nation’s infrastructure investments are to realise their full potential.

John Grill AO

Long experience shows that many of the problems afflicting our infrastructure arise not from the physical assets, which are often of very high quality, but from the need to pay far greater attention to best meeting the needs and expectations of customers and other stakeholders. Customer Stewardship Alliance (CSA) is a terrifically important initiative that is helping to deal with this vital–and enormously costly–component of our economy. As we pour many billions of dollars into boosting our infrastructure, now is the time to ensure the approaches CSA is developing become part of every infrastructure business’ DNA.

Henry Ergas AO
Distinguished Economist and Writer


Customer Stewardship Alliance has moved from a strategic concept into an important operational framework for companies across Australia and Asia Pacific. Its application and tools provide insight through industry benchmarking of customer stewardship maturity, and the long term impact your organisation is seeking to make for customers, shareholders and increasingly the role of regulators.

Mark Johnson AO

Senior Adviser, Gresham Partners Limited

Quality infrastructure is vitally important to a nation’s future economic prosperity. So too is Customer Stewardship Alliance in helping industry and government to better focus on long term outcomes for customers and stakeholders alike, as this is where full potential of any infrastructure investment must perform at its best.

Shirley In't Veld

There is a need for an independent assessment to show who is competent and effective in navigating the complexities of the future with their customers. Just like a Standard & Poors credit rating, Customer Stewardship Alliance will do the same for bringing transparency and accountability about capabilities and performance to customers in infrastructure.

Les Hosking