From Garry Bowditch

23 November 2021

Since the COVID pandemic made its unwanted entry into our lives, I decided to finally write the book that I knew was important but was set aside in favour of more urgent priorities in pre-pandemic life. So after 15 months of research and writing, I am pleased that this book is now complete and will be released shortly. I called it ‘BIG FIXES: Building Bridges to an Inclusive Future‘.

My motivation to write BIG FIXES was about helping myself to be clear-minded about what is precious for our well-being as a society and making sure we can recognise these things, be compelled to protect and expand them. I am sharing these reflections in the hope that readers of BIG FIXES will find it helpful in crystallising their own perspectives about the future and start building a consensus for positive and authentic change. But before that can happen all of us must have a clearer understanding of our responsibilities today to make wiser choices today, because they pay forward to the future impacting everyone and everything. Infrastructure forms part of the backdrop to these reflections because the way transport, water, energy systems shape our lives (and our children), in terms of where we live, how healthy we are and the work we do.

More details about my book will be available in the coming days. I will share with you why it was written and what we can hope to change as a result of it. You will be able to read endorsements and book reviews from leaders in government and industry from around the world to help encourage your purchase of BIG FIXES. The book is available in paperback and ebook formats from Amazon.

In the meantime here is a short video introducing ‘BIG FIXES: Building Bridges to an Inclusive Future’.