Brisbane Airport Customer Stewardship Pilot has Landed

The Customer Stewardship Assessment and Rating of Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC), the first ever pilot of its type, has now been completed and, according to CEO Gert-Jan de Graaff, with great success. Largest shareholder, QIC, is pleased BAC has adopted a leadership position in being the first to undertake a CSA assessment. As stated by QIC Head of Global Infrastructure Ross Israel “we believe the social licence to operate in infrastructure is directly linked to being customer led and working with other key stakeholders. As QIC represents investors with long duration capital, leveraging tools like CSA drives better customer centric feedback to our assets management teams and long-term investment decisions.”

Operating within a highly complex customer and stakeholder environment (including passengers, airlines, retail tenants, local communities, and numerous government agencies with responsibilities ranging from border control to aviation safety) and having set for itself high standards for customer stewardship, BAC provided the ideal candidate for the pilot.

Through this Assessment process, CSA can confidently report that BAC is an organisation that has a well-balanced, determined and forward posture towards its service to customers and stakeholders as well as its social and economic contribution to Queensland and Australia.
According to BAC CEO Gert-Jan de Graaff “I’m very confident the CSA methodology will be highly effective in helping BAC team members identify continuous improvement opportunities for customer services and linking these to investment decisions”.

CSA has identified within BAC many areas of strength and the ability to translate its enormous talent and the energy of its people into superior long-term outcomes for its customers and stakeholders.

Executive General Manager of Infrastructure Development & Delivery at BAC, Krishan Tangri, saw the importance of BAC becoming an early adopter of customer stewardship as he wanted to be “absolutely sure that all BAC’s capital investments have a clear line of sight to the delivery of customer outcomes”. Tangri adds “the CSA Accreditation and Rating process already has been an investment that is adding value to our customer strategies, operations and staff development”.

In a fast changing and at times volatile operating context, says BAC Executive General Manager of Communications and Public Affairs Rachel Crowley, the Customer Stewardship Assessment Report “provides an independent and informed perspective that will serve as a catalyst to move forward confidently in delivering even more for BAC’s “Four Bosses”- customers, employees, community and shareholders”.

According to CEO De Graaff, “BAC strongly supports the work of CSA and the importance of customer stewardship practices. This represents a very important development for the industry that will have a very positive impact for all our stakeholders.”

CSA has been established to collaborate with organisations in infrastructure and related sectors to build their customer stewardship capabilities and performance. CSA shines a light on organisations that are vested in customer and community outcomes over the long term and who are taking great strides in addressing these broader challenges to create a better future. CSA’s rigorous Assessment and Rating processes give boards independent validation of organisations’ maturity to achieve long term outcomes and mitigate risk.

Information on Customer Stewardship Australia Assessment and Rating is available on our website or by contacting us.

Patricia Pascuzzo
Customer Stewardship Australia
February 2020